Laboratory test for the Immunity Certificate (Centaur test) and Antibody measurement after vaccination or infection

It informs you about the amount of the antibodies, and it can be used to apply for the Immunity Certificate.

We perform the COVID-test under scheduled appointment in your home or workplace – you pay no travelling fee.

How you will receive the Immunity Certificate in 4 simple steps:

1. step: Laboratory testing

We do not charge travelling expenses in several cities. We will visit you, take blood and send you the results for the next day.

In case of a positive result you can find the sentence required by law in the middle of the medical report in capital letters: 

An antibody against the Coronavirus is present in the applicant’s body.

2. step: Preparing the application in paper

In case of a positive result we send you the completed application form with the laboratory result.

  • Please provide the number of your permanent personal identification document or your passport number (if you have one), if these fields are missing.
  • Please underline if you require your Immunity Certificate posted in a registered letter with acknowledgement or directly into your letterbox.
  • Please provide your mailing address, if it differs from the address provided in the national personal data and address register.
  • By checking the 1. box you verify that you attach the duplicate of the mail sent by us.
  • By checking the 2. box you verify that you have paid 3,000 HUF and you attach the payment confirmation.
  • Please provide the current date and sign the document.

You can also fill in the application electronically via Ügyfélkapu. Please follow the steps of the online application.

3. step: Transferring the Administrative service fee to the government office

  • In case of certificate based on the detected antibody against the coronavirus, the fee of 3,000 HUF shall be paid to Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala ( Governmental Administration of Budapest) by transfer to the bank account with 10023002-00301253-00000000 bank number.
  • Indicate the name of the applicant and the Védettségi Igazolvány expression in the transfer description.
  • Download the proof of payment, it shall be attached to the application.

4. step: Delivering the lab result and the application to the government office

You have to send 3 documents:

  • Completed application form
  • Lab results
  • Proof of payment

The above three documents can be submitted in the following ways:

  • you can take it personally to the nearest government office.
  • you can submit on Ügyfélkapu (Customer site) in electronic form.

According to the law, it can not be mailed unfortunately.

+1 advantage:

Our laboratory also sends quantitative results, in this way you can find out how high your antibody levels are. This test is also often called the Centaur test, and it is sold for 15-20 thousand HUF. We offer it at the official price for 11 000 HUF.

In case of a positive result, you will receive these 2 documents from us:

Laboratory test for the Immunity Certificate – informations

This laboratory test shows the amount of antibody both after infection and after each vaccination.

Using an antibody test for protection against venous blood (also called a serological test, or Centaur test), the laboratory tests for the presence of an S-RBD IgG antibody against the SARS-CoV-2 virus produced by the body. It should not be confused with the rapid serological test, which does not give a quantitative result and cannot be used to apply for a security certificate.

In contrast to rapid tests,this examination can be used to determine the amount of antibody, from which protection against coronavirus can be inferred. If the result is positive, the laboratory result can be used for the immunity certificate.

In case of a positive result, you can apply electronically with the Laboratory test for Immunity Certificate (on an electronic form standardized by the government offices) or in person at any government office. The positive result confirms that the antibody against the coronavirus can be detected in the body, so the result can be used to apply for the immunity certificate according to 60/2021. (II. 12.) Government Decree.

In the event of a negative result, your body does not have a detectable amount of antibodies to the coronavirus.

After the first positive result, it is advisable to repeat this serological test every month to see the change in the amount of antibodies.

Prices and services

Laboratory test for Immunity Certificate
11 000 HUF
PCR test
18 900 HUF
Antigen rapid test
9 900 HUF
Serological rapid test
9 900 HUF
Travelling charges – Town
Travelling charges – Suburb areas
3 900 HUF

Additional costs and services

How to perform testing

  1. Register on the booking page.
  2. You can choose which day, for what period of time you want us to go.
  3. You can pay immediately by card or bank transfer to ensure your appointment.
  4. In case of PCR test or Laboratory test for the Immunity Certificate, we will send the official result by email the next day, in Hungarian, English and German.

About us

In the recent period, we have performed tens of thousands of PCR tests, rapid tests and Laboratory tests for the Immunity Certificate. The practice of this is based on our experience in occupational healthcare dating back decades. We provide occupational healthcare services to more than 1,000 companies on an ongoing basis.

Dr. András Erős
Medical director