Post-COVID Lab Package + Gratis Antibody measurement test

We perform this test under scheduled appointment in your home or workplace – you pay no travelling fee.

Package price: 9 900 HUF / person.

No travelling fee We perform the COVID-test,
under scheduled appointment in your home or workplace.

We constructed the Post-COVID Lab Package so that it would bring attention to the areas most affected by the virus.

What does our package examine?

  • function of the heart, heart muscles
  • functions of the thyroid
  • muscular deterioration
  • an inflammatory state throughout the body
  • general state of the immune system

Even in the case that you caught the virus and survived without symptoms or without knowing, there can still be potentially dangerous complications which are best to find early.

The simplest way of doing this is a laboratory test which examines multiple areas and this way it can be determined what the best next steps would be for special examinations.

The lab will examine the following:

  • Troponin – indicates damage to the heart muscles, if it is not in the normal range, consult a cardiologist immediately.
  • TSH – indicates thyroid status.
  • Myoglobin – a protein released from muscle tissue, elevated levels can be a sign of muscle (heart) damage and should be seen by a cardiologist urgently.
  • Ferritin – indicates the saturation of the body with iron. Elevated levels may indicate an inflammatory process in the body.
  • Vitamin D3 – has an effect on the immune system and also indicates the state of cellular metabolism.

The test is taken from venus blood. You are free to eat and drink before taking the test. If you are curious about the IGG antibody results as well, we could provide both at the same time and we can test both from the same blood sample.

Will the test say what complications I may have?

For help with understanding the results, talk to a general doctor or treating physician. They can help you get an idea of the state of your body, and we can discuss further tests and therapy (if needed) based on that. 

We send results in Hungarian, English, and German.

Prices and services

Antibody measurement with laboratory test (Centaur test) + Gratis Post-COVID Lab Package
9 900 HUF
Post-COVID Lab Package + Gratis Antibody measurement with laboratory test
9 900 HUF
PCR test + 1 Gratis Lollipop Antigen test kit
18 900 HUF
Lollipop Antigen rapid test
9 900 HUF
Painless Antigen rapid test from nostrils
9 900 HUF
Travelling charges - Town
Travelling charges - Suburb areas
3 900 HUF
Additional costs and services

How to perform testing

  1. Register on the booking page.
  2. You can choose which day, for what period of time you want us to go.
  3. You can pay immediately by card or bank transfer to ensure your appointment.
  4. We will send the official result by email in Hungarian, English and German by the following deadlines: Budapest within 12-18 hours, countryside - until 12 p.m. on the other day.

About us

In the recent period, we have performed more than one hundred thousand PCR tests, rapid tests and Laboratory tests. The practice of this is based on our experience in occupational healthcare dating back decades. We provide occupational healthcare services to more than 1,000 companies on an ongoing basis.

Dr. András Erős
Medical director